Why Kidbudget?
What is it?
What can it do?

Financial Skills…The system teaches kids foundational financial concepts, principles and how to use these principles in real life. Learn more…

Imagine! The critical, serious subject of financial literacy taught so the kids do not even realize they’re learning” but learn they do. ThaT’s a Kidbudget innovation.

With Kidbudget, kids learn: prioritizing needs and wants, setting multiple goals, tracking their money and so much more. Learn more…

Practice… Putting the principles into practice will happen as kids complete the exercises in the workbook. Kids learn the skills needed to succeed financially. They will budget and save for goals, meet those goals and make purchases. They will evaluate those purchases and determine if they were the correct choices, time and time again. They will make mistakes. Hooray! Better now then later. All part of the learning process.

Dialogue… Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the system is that it will open dialogue between you and your kids

An ongoing dialogue about money!

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