At Kidbudget, we teach kids about money!

Kidbudget believes…

  • EVERY child needs to learn core money management skills or principles. It is up to us as adults to teach kids about money skills.
  • Learning those skills should be fun.
  • Every child CAN become financially independent.
  • Kids inherently want to be financially successful.
  • With proper training, kids will quickly understand and use core money principles.
  • A system designed to teach kids about money should be able to be completed by a kid.
  • To really learn about money and how to manage it, “hands on” learning is best.
  • A system to teach kids about money should be fully adaptable to a family’s money values.
  • The sooner kids learn core money skills, the better.
  • Kids should be allowed to make money mistakes when they’re young – the more the better. This will teach them not to make mistakes when they’re older.
  • After age 5, a piggy bank doesn’t cut it.
  • Parents should have the tools and a proven system and be as involved as they want in the learning process.
  • Parents and kids should have open dialogue about money.
  • Parents should find opportunities to praise their children for their money management acumen.

Kidbudget is dedicated to helping parents teach kids about money. The system we’ve created is fun, entertaining and interactive for kids. We feel strongly that at younger ages, kids learn best by a “hands on” method. They need to touch and feel money and see it come and go as they earn and spend it. This concrete method will help them understand money far better than numbers in a software program or web page. Piggy banks are great for very young children and teach basic concepts. However, the sooner you get your child to understand and manage their money, the better. Kidbudget provides the teaching and the tools to help that happen.
Part of the system is based on the time honored “envelope system.” You put money into an envelope (a pouch in our case) and when the money is gone, you stop spending. It’s that simple. To get kids to understand core money skills

It’s not that parents don’t want their kids to be financially successful = who doesn’t? but to actually figure out a systematic, goal oriented method to teach kids about money just doesn’t happen in most cases.

Time, tools, and the lack of knowledge are just some of the challenges parents face. Kidbudget was designed to help on all fronts. We fully recognize that each family has different money value systems. That’s why the system is aimed at teaching eight money skills. These skills or principles CAN be learned by anyone. The system is completely adaptable to any value system. Parents decide their values and simply apply them to the skills the child is being taught. Easy Peasy.

Teaching kids about money is not easy. According to leading polls, parents would rather talk about sex and drugs than money. And even those subjects rank quite low in “talks I want to have with my children.” Yet, money and the management of it is a critical skill each child must learn to be successful in their life.
Think about it. No matter what career or vacation one chooses, if a person can’t handle money, options and opportunities will be quite different. On the other hand, learning and following correct money principles can allow kids to become whatever they want regardless of the size of the paycheck!

Parents will find kids will change dramatically after completing the workbook. No more whining at the store, no more pleadings to buy them something, no more tantrums. Parents simply point out the skills they’ve learned. End of story.

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