Train the Child

girl driving toy carLife can be busy, busy, busy. Turn around twice and that preccious two year old is now eight. Then time seems to go even faster. She just turned twelve and you find yourself saying, “where did the time go?” While you’re contemplating that, you find yourself taking a picture of her getting her driver’s license. Don’t dwell on your car insurance too long because you just dropped her off at college and she’s now out of the house.

You get the picture. Life just does not stand still. Kids are with us for a very short time. There is SO much to teach them that at times it can be overwhelming. Some things we teach them are fun – tying their shoes, riding a bike, hula hoop – others, not so much. One thing seems certain – the younger you teach them the better. Obviously that needs to be done with understanding and knowledge. They can only grasp certain concepts so fast. Nevertheless, TRAIN the child.

It definitely helps to use tools or put systems in place to help. For instance, having chores displayed on a chart or board of some kind does wonders. Everybody’s on the same page, know what’s expected and can be held accountable. Learn more…

A critical subject children need to be taught is money. It appears many parents have believed children will pick this up on their own. It’s quite possible they have. But what exactly have they picked up? Good money habits or bad?

complete systemAt Kidbudget, we have made the task easier. With EIGHT CORE MONEY SKILLS packaged in a fun and interactive system. Included is a 67 page workbook full of money learning fun. Step by step interactive learning that will teach your child the eight skills. Discerning between needs and wants, setting short and long term financial goals, earning money, saving money, tracking money, spending wisely, spending less than they earn, and being charitable. Take an in-depth look at each of these skills below. And, hurry before she has children of her own…

The Eight Money Management SKILLS your kids will learn using Kidbudget.

Short and Long Term GoalsEarn MoneySave money

Spend less than you earnSpend wiselyTrack your moneyBe Charitable

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